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Moving Music

2008-04-05 21:29:10 by RandomAnnoyance

I heard this song and wrote what i thought played out during it "What Have I Done?"

when the right story is applied to this song...... it sends a wave of great sorrow over you. Imagine not past, but present throughout the whole thing. Imagine a single boy standing atop a distant hill watching as a great blaze rips through his hometown and all he can sit there and watch being the only one that escaped. At the first cymbal crash have him fade into the background, transparent, and scenes of the townspeople going by as they endure though this catastrophy. Expressions of the people of pain, shock, and utter terror fade in and out as he watches. When the piano comes back in while the violin is holding that note in the background, he slowly looks up and ,as immense sorrow washes over him, he runs with all his might, tears streaming down his face, back towards his home. Thoughts of all of his family, friends, neighbors vanishing right in front of him. He reaches the entrance to his town and finds everything falling apart and in ashes. Racing through town, the boy calls out for his mom, for anyone... He comes to his street and stops dead.... his home... all that he grew up with... lay in ashes.... lifeless. Walking to his would be room, he stumbles upon a large pile of smoldering ashes... trying to uncover what lies beneath, he hits something soft and rolls it overand to his horror it was his father, huddled over his mother and his newborn sister. Dropping to his knees, trying desprately to wake him up, he hears a small whine with some movement.... the baby girl starts crying. Picking her up, he takes one last sorrowful look at his parents and his home, then slowly walks out of town with his sister in his arms...

this is what i picture...

?Random?...... T_T


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