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Wisdom teeth = HATRED!!

2008-03-09 17:37:01 by RandomAnnoyance

Friday March 7, at 9:04 am.... I had my wisdom teeth removed (all 4)...... OUCH!!!! and now i look like a chipmonk on painkillers. I cant laugh without it hurting... its been tourture watching Flash movies T_T.... as a result, I might be submitting a song of pain soon (it will be painful)

do yourself a favor and dont screw up your teeth

Oh... and if you manage to get them pulled, keep lots and lots of beef ramen on hand :P
its the only thing you can manage to inhale.


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2008-04-04 23:15:02

I know it hurt's...I feel the pain...OWW!!!fuck

RandomAnnoyance responds:

Did you notice that everything they tell you to do to make it feel better, makes it feel WORSE?