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Rig - Moar Rig - Moar

Rated 5 / 5 stars


The vocals in the beginning were nice and brought along the intro nicely! The synths were nice too! I've noticed that even tho FL has some great synth plug-ins, the 3xOsc and the TS404 Bassline synth seem to be the best for pretty much any sound you can think of.

Crunchy and Catchy! (sounds like a chip) Excellent combo! Sounds moar along the lines of DnB, but I can see why you put dance.

5/5 (Everything crunches together nicely)
10/10 (Kinda sounds like the Macarena in some parts(?))


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Rig responds:

I suppose my DnB influences shone through, eh? Thanks for the review!

*Rave Beat* (Loop) / ZeRo BaSs *Rave Beat* (Loop) / ZeRo BaSs

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH >:( sorry i was laughing at sinister sed. couldnt tell if he was being sarcastic or serious.

you get a 7.
Ups and Downs:
fast but repetitive,
panio beginning was good but the rest had no variance or dynamic contrast,
there really is no melody to get stuck in your head :( ,
sounds like it would be a good battle sequence in a game :) ,
that is all.


Thanks is Hard Thanks is Hard

Rated 5 / 5 stars


ok so i've freaked myself out when i started watching the badger visualization to this song and mushrooms and badgers were flying by as the song trudged on like and elephant on acid.
This piece has to be the most... odd... I've heard out of your collection. You listen to and go "... um... what?" But it plays to that type well.

Coordinated discordance I guess, lol.

You have the glitch in there as usual (its your trademark).
ok... umm, I'm gonna be honest. I don't how i would review this :(
Not a bad thing, not a bad piece.
It was... interesting. I liked it. There is nothing more i can think of to say :(


InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks is hard. ;)

Lackadaisical Cohort - Part 2 Lackadaisical Cohort - Part 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

More power to ya LOL

New effects--
New feel--
Same awesome style!

Once again i am hooked. More variation, its like magic.
See what really gets me, in a good way (just has a good feel), is when you're listening to a song and just as you start to say "ok this is getting old..." it changes into something completely different and re-hooks you and gets your toe tapping again. And repeats that process throughout the song. Its like a drug: when it starts to wear off-- take another dose.

Like Gaia said, when i first heard the vox and arp, i thought of Daft Punk, just enough to put it in your mind and then blow it apart with something completely the opposite!
The beginning is very good-- heavy, but it still bounces, still has a feel you can get into.

As for the 3:10 part... all i can say is, you get a different taste depending on where you eat ( that sounds so wrong ) in other words-- Depending on your setup, from studio monitors to desktop speakers, each person is going to get their own sound from that part... Which is awesome if you think about it O.O

BUT (only one but, not big)
The song lacks an ending, for a 11:32 long song you think it would have a definite. ending. Honestly, I was listening to this song a few times before i finally realized it was looping, hah. ( this part loops itself very well ). But thats better for shorter songs. Unless you were going for a loop, then thats your thing. But, in my opinion was little bit of a let down, very little, but still.

OVERALL ( both songs )
I've never heard this type of style, and you've caught my attention with it. It shows you have major skill in what your doing. ( i have serious writers block, but when it comes to mixing/mastering, don't count me out.)
And don't count you out either.

CHEERS and thanks for the experience,

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InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks for consistency.

If you'd like some NG graphics done, let me know, you'd look much more pro/memorable with a nice little icon next to your review instead of the default.

I made it loop intentionally for NG, the proper version has more of a fade out time which has some FX automated on it, so its a bit like grundgey Pink Floyd FX.

For album, as previously mentioned, I'll probably be having some sort of sample editing done to punctuate the end of the song, in similar fashion to the "It must be done." line.

Lackadaisical Cohort - Part 1 Lackadaisical Cohort - Part 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

PessimistOwl, you sir, can go screw yourself.

What he basically did was go to a concert ,and while everyone is cheering and dancing, stop the music and walk up to the mic, clear his throat and say: "I really don't like this music. Just thought I'd let you know. OH! But I'm being open minded, dont let it offend you!.... have a nice day!"
What a selfish dick... AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF... he didn't even listen to the full song- and he calls himself a critic, peh.

For a miscellaneous song, this thing sure as hell is miscellaneous, heh.
It started off slow with strings, and i thought it was going to be easy-going. But MAN it turned around! Threw in some breakbeats, some serious FX, and hella good mixing!
Every little genre change is matched with the synths and drums. Skill right there-- nothin less.

But (always a 'but')
Some of the sound effect were over used and the melody itself could have used a few variations to make it more interesting then it already is... and if you did that in part 2 more power to ya, because i didn't listen to it yet.

All in all, your good WAY overpowers the bad. Some serious mixing skills in this.
I mean, I've never listened to this style until your song grabbed my attention to all hell.
Listening to Part 2,

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InvisibleObserver responds:

Yes Mr. Owl is in essence true to his name, and true to the negative connotations of pessimism, that being: unwanted.

I'm likely to wrinkle out the song some more, its going in an album I'm working on, and more details will be added. So the songs solid and thick with musical flavor, and in the final cut will become more 'focused'.

Thanks for the indepth and helpful review, congratulations on having a frontal lobe, and thank you for checking out part 2.

~BH~ Crystalline Cloudscape ~BH~ Crystalline Cloudscape

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a very intense calm

I loved the sweep into the beginning, it pulls you right into the full feeling of the song. The arps initiate and it lulls you into a very rhythmic trance and the bass kicks along and makes you just close your eyes and go with it. The effects you used on the flute and the melody that went with it were nothing other than floawless. The ending was great! I can't think of any other way to say it except it places you back into your body.

This song puts you the state Trance is supposed to put you in, making you FEEL the song and not just listen to it. A lot of people who make this type of music could learn from you. Me being one... :)

Your ratings should be obvious.

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Blackhole12 responds:

I had tons of influence from... whatever artists DJ-immune stole from xD

Feel Good Inc [Surge Mix] Feel Good Inc [Surge Mix]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great Remix... kinda mello tho --- nm

heh turned up the volume.

OK!! yes it is repetitive, but turning a 3 min song into 7 isn't an easy task <:|

The beginning: GOOD! Had a good feeling to it! tho the drumz got old after a while :/ At 1:27 the synth that came in, the buzzy stutter, didnt fit the song well. It sounded too 8 bit, like you were throwing it into megaman or something. At 5:28 it sounded like a video game again :(

The Middle: at 2:22 it needed more of a noticeable transition, at least some sort of build up. And the organ-ish sound that comes it there doesnt fit to well, :\ not the right sound. The bass solo was GREAT! and the sweep at 4:48 was cool good sound effect.

The Ending (or near the end lol): first thing, guitar solo, two thumbs up! :D
And second thing, the ENDING! the VERY END! LAST FEW SECONDS... OOHHHHH It was the worst part of the song! *smack* REDO IT... it was goin then suddenly TRAILED OFF!! oooooo were talking about that.... heh heh
other than that it was great.

all in all: Great (except for the ending)

5/5 (great remix of the song! had LOADS of style... MULTIPLE styles!)
9/10( a BIG -1 for the ending.... 7 mins of song and a weak finish!)

Thanks for the experience,

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TheBagCartel responds:

I can always count on you, amongst a short few others, to give a thorough review X)

yeah McIntyre would have killed me for doing that to the ending, now that I think about it ^_^; At that moment in time, though, I had no idea how to keep pushing the end without having to slice the last audio clip into a hundred tiny fragments...

Gawd you'll never leave me alone about my percussion will you lol

thx very much m8, yes I wouldn't mind talking about it laterz
and hey, don't go to sleep too late >:# no wonder you wake so damn late

-Air Bounce- -Air Bounce-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


yeah, a big first thing is the peaking. The bass kick is peaking out and killing the song :( The melody is also repetitive... never changes at all actually :\
I'd recommend some more mixing.

And i know this is off topic but i didnt feel like writing another review so yeah: in your other song uhhh -Elements- i think, that last synth you brought in had WAAAAAY too much detune in it, like 2 different keys altogether.... fix it :|

you songs have alot of potential, but also need alot of touching up.
Keep working on music and i hope to hear another song soon :D

(Dj-C) Top of The World (Dj-C) Top of The World

Rated 4 / 5 stars

well i like it

it just needs some mixing on the highs and bring out the hi hats a bit along with the other drums.

Very good first version.

keep it up. Its comin along!


Chzz responds:

Thank you for writing a review :) I will look more at it. Gosh I am tired of 0-voters that don't give a review >.<

Too Good For You Too Good For You

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

too loud lol

that says alot coming from me considering i've blown two speakers in the last month :\ other than that its good.

?Random? (just turn down the volume and do some EQ-ing.

TrevsOne responds:

hey, thanks for the review I actually made this a few years ago, and a couple other songs i have, when i was learning FL, so i didn't really know much, and I've left FL for reason too. I can't reopen this song but i'll keep your comment in mind for the future.

thanks again. Peace.